BioLite Solar Home System 620+


Solar-Powered Light, Charging & Radio

The SolarHome 620+ brings modern lighting, energy, and entertainment to transform any structure into an off-grid home. The easy-to-install solar panel captures daily sun to charge up a central control box which powers 3 hanging lights, USB charge-out, and an MP3/FM radio system. BioLite's first-crossover product, the SolarHome 620+ is currently in use in over 100,000 homes across western Kenya. Perfect for vans, sheds, or the next power outage, the system comes packed in a kit the size of a shoebox.

  • 6W solar panel connects to 23 Wh Control Box
  • 3 overhead lights, one with motion sensor
  • Wall-mounted switches control hanging lights
  • Control Box plays radio/MP3 & provides charge out
  • 18ft daisy-chainable cables for multi-room lighting

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1. Solar Panel
- 6 watt panel provides power to your system
2. Wall Mounted Control Box
- Monitor your power, charge devices and play music
3. Hanging Light x2
- Use wall mounted switch to adjust to 3 levels of brightness
4. Motion Sensor Light
- Security mode saves power and can alert you of passersby

1. How long does it take to charge the whole system?
- Approximately 6 hours in strong, direct sun. Set your panel up in a high, sunny spot for maximum charging.
2. How do I tell how much power I'm creating or storing?
- The LCD display on the Control Box gives you real-time feedback on sun strength and power available in your battery
3. Can I leave the solar panel out in all weather?
- Yes – in fact, rain helps keep the panel clear of dust for better performance. Just make sure that after heavy storms the panel is clear of debris and has not shifted.
4. Why isn't there an audio jack to play music?
- As a crossover product from BioLite, microSD and FM radio are the most common ways to listen to music in Kenya with the added benefit of not requiring power from your mobile phone. Loading up a microSD is easy and keeps your phone free for other functions
5. Can the lights be controlled individually?
- Yes! Each hanging light features its own on/off switch and can be set to LO, MED, or HI. They daisy-chain together from a single power source, but their brightness can be controlled individually.
6. How does the motion sensor work?
- One of your 3 hanging lights has an "eye" in the middle of the bulb. Press the light switch 4x until a small red light appears - the eye is now activated and your motion sensor will turn on with nearby movement, keeping the light on for 30 seconds before automatically turning off.
7. I don't have a van or cabin – can I use this for emergencies?
- Absolutely. The SolarHome 620+ packs down to the size of a shoebox that you can keep stored easily right under your sink. We recommend charging up your Control Box in advance so you get a headstart in case a power outage occurs


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BioLite Solar Home System 620+
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