MiCard - Digital Business Card

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MiCard | Digital Business Card
NFC Enabled Wireless Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker

The MiCard-Digital Business Card is designed for those who value both practicality and elegance. With its ultra-slim 2.6mm profile and refined black tempered glass design, it seamlessly integrates into your everyday essentials while making a lasting impression. The wireless rechargeable feature ensures uninterrupted battery life, so you can always rely on your MiCard-Digital Business Card to perform when you need it most.
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- Working temperature: -20~60℃
- Waterproofness: IPX67 Waterproof
- Dimensions: 37mm * 37mm * 9mm
- Shape material: PC+ABS+leather
- Cell specification: CR2032 Replaceable Battery
- Voltage: 2.6v~3.6v
- Power consumption: 9.5mA max @adv, 22uA avg @paired
- Accelerometer: Triaxial accelerometer SC7A20
- APP interface: BLE 5.2 / iOS14.3 and above
- Transmission distance: 80-100m (open environment)
- BLE transmit power: +4dBm
1. Turn on Bluetooth, Wifi Connection
2. Power on MiTag deivce
3. Open iOS ''Find My'' app
4. Go to ''item'' tab and click ''add other item''
1. You need to remove it from the Find My app
2. Then you need to reset it
Open Find My app, go to ''item'' tab, select the item you want to remove, slide down and click ''Remove Item''
Make sure your MiTag is power on state, then press 5 times and hold from the fifth press until you hear a beep then release. And this operation need to be finished within bluetooth range. You can try to play sound to check if its in the range.
Long press for 5 secs until you hear 2 beeps
1. Take out the battery and put it back again
2. Replace a new battery- Model no is CR2032
3. Try to reset 4. Contact us for help
1. Make sure your device iOS system version is iOS 14.6 or above
2. Only support iPhone 6s and above
3. Make sure your bluetooth on
4. Make sure your Wlan or Wifi is on
5. Make sure your apple ID is logged in
6. Make sure MiTag is activated, if not please try to reset or replace the battery
7. If Above all not works, you can contact us for help
Only support iOS device for now.
Yes,it's IP65 waterproof.
Their basic functions are the same, in terms of Find My's technology, they are used in the same way, it's just that they are completely different in terms of the shape of the product and the scenarios in which they are used.
System iOS14.5 and iPhone6S above
We are using apple's application, no need to download, free of charge.
MiTag works similarly to the Apple AirTag, but it is compatible with iOS devices, and it is more affordable.
You will get a notification when the distance between you and things you left behind beyond bluetooth range.
Just like every Apple product, Find My is designed to put you in control of your data. Location information is only sent to Apple when you actively locate your device, mark it as lost, or enable Send Last Location. Data is encrypted on Apple’s servers and kept for no more than 24 hours. And when the Find My network is used, everyone’s information is kept private — even from Apple.
You can open the ''lost mode'' in your find my app, check ''item'' tab and find the item you lost, click and check the lost mode then open it. If anyone find your item or any iOS device nearby, your phone will display a message for someone who finds it.
If your item, MiTag, or Find My network accessory goes missing, you can put it in Lost Mode. That starts tracking its location, sends you a notification when it pings the network, and sets your passcode to protect your data. You can also let people know how to reach you. They can simply view your message on your device’s Lock Screen, or tap your MiTag with their smartphone to get your contact info and identify what you’ve lost.
MiCard - Digital Business Card
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