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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews

      Good gift I guess, will get one myself

      Joan M

      I love that it gives you that writing experience without the hassle of changing notebooks all the time. Being an analog notetaker, i appreciate saving paper. The only con is if you fill out a page, the ink takes awhile to dry up. So you can flip to another page quickly.

      The app though is quite slow. But it works, you can bundle multiple notes as 1 pdf.

      Harold A.
      Absolutely perfect for your daily tasks!

      The Mini's size makes it really perfect for people who are on-the-go or for those who like to keep notepads beside them while working. Idea just popped into your head? People barking orders at you? Feel like doodling like there's no tomorrow? The Mini makes all of that possible.

      I personally use this to write down my daily tasks at the start of each work day. I don't have to worry about making mistakes since that can be easily erased using the cloth that comes with the Mini. Uploading the contents of each page to your phone is made easy with the Rocketbook app.