1% for the Planet

We confess, as frequent conveners of conferences and conversations about the planet, meeting with the most brilliant minds in economic and impact sectors, sometimes it’s all a bit much. The solutions are a little too long-term and multi-layered. The action plans are a little too tedious. The slope seems a little too steep; the holes a little too deep. On our down days, we look at all the things that need to be done, and sigh at the enormity of the gap. Even the most impassioned of us give in to jadedness. 

So when we heard about 1% for the Planet, its simplicity as a movement was such a huge sigh of relief. The action point is streamlined to the simplest that it can be: to give back 1% of what we take. The 1% is then given back to research grants and accredited environmental organizations for their conservation causes. So, whether you’re an individual or a corporation, this no-frills approach to regeneration is so doable, there’s no excuse not to do it. Everyone has a 1%. 

It helped too that its two founders were already groundbreakers when it came to balancing capitalism and impact. We’ve been fans of Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard ever since we read his dogmas in “Let my People Go Surfing,” and several other books that merged the complex ecosystem of people, progress, and planet. On the other hand, we haven’t heard about Blue Ribbon Flies’ Craig Matthews, a former law enforcer turned conservationist writer, but once we googled him, his passion for fishing and Yellowstone’s conservation was so apparent, it jumped off the page of his books. We can only imagine what that conversation in 2002 between these two was like, two guys just catching fish, and trying to strip down what’s holding everyone back to giving more. 

Today, 1% for the Planet is a network of 3,000+ strong individuals, corporations, and organizations that include brands like Patagonia, Klean Kanteen, Honest Tea, and Nature’s Path, with about $250 million given back to environmental causes. And in April 2021, we’re happy to share that Altum Concepts, Atlas’ mother company, has joined the 1% for the Planet network.We believe that we’re all accountable for the welfare of our home. And it is in every business’ interest to be transparent about where its resources go, who it benefits, and what the long-term impact is.

To date, Atlas has given back over P70,000 to Philippine environmental non-profits such as Waves4Water Philippines, For the Future, One Million Lights, and World Wildlife Fund Philippines. This model of giving (or returning to our planet) allows everyone in our network -- from our suppliers to you, our customer collaborators -- to give sustainably as well as 1% of our gross profit immediately goes back to nature. As their catchphrase goes, we’re “all together for our planet.” 

To know more about the global network, go to www.onepercentfortheplanet.org.

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