• Art and Conservation

    Art and Conservation

    Artist Anina Rudio began advocating for the environment because of an open water swim. At the time, Rubio, who grew up in the city, was taking it upon herself to explore different parts of the country. “I saved enough money every month or so to explore different areas in the Philippines,” Rubio shares. “This meant going on island hopping trips and being by the...
  • Storytelling for nature

    Storytelling for nature

    “Photographer, whale dreamer, rainbow warrior, wall painter, garbage collector, long-distance walker, art teacher, baybayin teacher, biker, and globe trotter,” these are the names A.G. Saño uses to describe himself on his Instagram biography. Scroll through his feed, and you’ll find that all of these names ring true. Saño’s page is colored by previews of his work - rainbow-colored pedestrian lanes, customized sneakers, large murals,...
  • Living moment-to-moment in a trusty camper van

    Living moment-to-moment in a trusty camper van

    We always don’t need much to be happy. The fast-paced nature of modern life makes us forget that. Underneath the weight of our responsibilities and plans, it is easy to believe that we always need to do more, accomplish more, and have more.  We often bring this mentality with us when we travel. On vacations, maletas are filled to the brim with apparel and...
  • Vanguards


    It’s only of late (call it a supply-demand fit) that these tried-and-true artforms have taken on a new mission: to preserve and promote what were ordinarily commonplace decades ago. Mountains without highways. Virgin beaches without commercial shacks. Bioluminescence on clear water. Dragonflies on lichen-laden trees. Wild hawks flying up on an unpolluted sky.
  • Building Atlas

    Building Atlas

    At Atlas, it’s always Day One at the base camp. Hike the trail with us. Full disclosure, it’s not an easy climb. But we’ll bring the gear, and the view’s worth it.
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