Living moment-to-moment in a trusty camper van

We always don’t need much to be happy. The fast-paced nature of modern life makes us forget that. Underneath the weight of our responsibilities and plans, it is easy to believe that we always need to do more, accomplish more, and have more. 

We often bring this mentality with us when we travel. On vacations, maletas are filled to the brim with apparel and trinkets we’re not sure we need. The hotels with the best amenities are booked, ones with rooms so comfortable you never need to leave. And sometimes, a spare suitcase is brought along - just in case shopping sprees are in order. 

But try to imagine a different approach to travel. Instead of bringing things or taking them away, consider this: maybe all you need is a nice view, great company, and a trusty camper van.

Meet Yvon, a 1971 Volkswagen Kombi. No longer running as she did in her heyday, the camper van was renovated into a tiny home for travelers. Inside, you can find life's bare necessities - a comfortable bed, some lights, a fan, and a mosquito net, only enough to allow you to enjoy the moment and surroundings. 


Respecting the natural environment

Yvon finds a home in Saya Nest, an Airbnb in Cubi, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Overlooking the bay, Cubi is a residential hill that boasts sea views and rich wildlife. In the area, just a 4-minute walk from Saya Nest, you can find Bat Kingdom - a protected rainforest with an impressive set of bat species. 

This land, diverse and lush, doesn't need to be built upon. It doesn’t need a large development or a five-star hotel. Just as it is, it can already be enjoyed. That leads us to one of the beauties of Yvon: the camper gives shelter to travelers without disrupting the natural environment. She is simply parked in the location, able to safely come and leave anytime - a respectful visitor.

Mindfulness and eco-consciousness are encouraged for those who stay in Saya Nest and Yvon. In an attempt to limit waste, guests are asked to use only what they need. The provided food and toiletries aren’t single-use, and they are meant to be kept for as long as they can last. As the popular saying goes, “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.”



Slowing down a fast-paced life

While staying in the camper van, travelers get to experience living slowly and mindfully. Boredom can be quelled by watching the view, walking around the area, or engaging in meaningful conversation. These activities obviously aren’t new, but in the digital age, they can be undervalued. We place productivity on a pedestal, but taking a breather is equally important. 

By living moment to moment, we better appreciate ourselves and the world around us. We can let down our guards and recharge. And isn’t that what vacations are truly for?

Overall, our hope is that Yvon’s guests will bring the learnings from their experience into their everyday life: slow it down, take only what you need, and savor every moment.

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