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      We celebrate and support our community of champions. ATLAS is a movement of Voices, Vanguards and Voyagers that understand the urgency of protecting the home planet. We live for the pursuits of these communities with their stories etched into this blog.


      Vanguards are photographers and visual artists from all spectrums -- from painters to sculptors, installation makers to graffiti activists -- have the power to augment a better reality.


      Researchers, conservationists and explorers (we call them Atlas Voyagers) define the future of the modern era. What they do and don’t do, and how much space and influence they occupy in contemporary times, are the determinants of this planet’s regeneration.


      Atlas Voices are journalists, nature writers, and overall storytellers that have a special role to play in the fight against our planet’s silencing. If there’s any hope for a planet in peril, it’s the collective sound of those who speak on its behalf.